Post-blizzard in January

Here are two photos from my travels today in the Waterloo region- shot just south of the highway 401 on the Dickie Settlement road.

The weather was just post-blizzard and you can see it in the images.  It has a certain kind of look which is hard to describe in words.

I am not sure why but I have given it the name of "four fields".  I was drawn to the way each field was "indented" like a paragraph.  If you look at the trees in the background you can see they have been through the "blizzard mill".  The light was poor but the white snow on the trees interested me.  And the colours.   It's not an outstanding photo in my opinion but it is interesting.

I call this one "sign and vine" :-)  If you look close you can see the tendrils on the vine.   The odd shape to this caught my eye.  And it has that "post-blizzard" look.