Foggy today!!!

Me again!   I was out today between photo shoots and had the opportunity to do landscapes between (real estate) appointments.  It was so foggy - beautiful.  I don't know what it is about fog but it is so... emotional.  Dreamy.  Imaginative.    It lends itself to alluring images.  The only problem with fog is you don't get very sharp images.  But that's ok.  Here is the best image I got.  Actually the grasses are in focus.

Waterloo county landscape photo by Susan Arness

I love how the farm appears in the background.  The ghost farm, lol.

When I take photos I always think about composition.   This comes from art class way back in high school days!   For example here I am interested in the "leading lines" .. the way the viewers eye follows the image.  If you think about it, it makes sense.  Try it as you scan the image. 

The lines of the grass move the eye upwards to the barn then across to the top of the silo.   The eye then goes down the right hand side of the image, back to the bottom right.    The other thing about composition, is that in this image we have areas of detail (grasses) and "negative" blank areas (bare field, sky, etc.) where the eye can rest.  We don't consciously think of this when we view a photo.  But our eyes do!  

Thanks for listening - its fun to share !