DNA test

DNA results are in!!!

How very exciting - my DNA test results are in!!

Now let me warn you - you may quite possibly be surprised by the results.  I know I was.

I did this test with Ancestry.com  (or in my case Ancestry.ca).  Its a simple to take test - just uses saliva- no blood letting or anything too weird.   It cost approx $120 Canadian.   My daughter bought it for my birthday- how sweet is that.   (And I paid for hers, haha!)

This test that they offer is an "autosomal" test.   Which means it is very general and only ascertains a persons "recent" heritage.

When I received the results I was surprised by the larger than expected percentage of Irish ... and smaller than expected Scandinavian ethnicity.   (what the heck- my surname is "Arness" after all !!!

They break the test down into further detail:

Another surprise was my "Iberian" heritage - (Spain, Portugal and southern France) - this probably includes my Basque heritage as well ???  (The Basque country lies between France and Spain)  No doubt this is from my mother's Quebecois/ Acadian side.

and here... ta-dah!  is the full ethnicity showing all trace regions (discovered).

It's all so much fun!

There are a few other types of DNA tests... the one I'd like to do next follows a persons DNA back from mother to mother to mother and so on... it goes way back (several thousand years)-  its called the mtDNA test.  Its a bit more pricey. $250?    I have actually hit a brick wall (without having tried very hard) on my mother's mothers maternal side so this could be quite useful for my research (another very good reason to take a DNA test).  If you are male you can take the Y-DNA test (or either male or female have a father or brother take this).  It does the same type of trace except this goes father to father and so on.

The other cool thing is that the DNA test has given me matches with other people on Ancestry.com -those who are related and inevitably show up in my family tree.   The exciting thing about this is they may have family tree information /photos etc. that you would not normally find.   

I think you, my dear reader, should put a DNA test kit on your Christmas wish list!!!   Anything that makes learning about your ancestry even more enjoyable has gotta be good!