the ship Neptunus sailed from Norway in 1869..... carrying my "Arness" ancestors

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with a cousin who is interested in our shared family history!  So much fun!  

One thing I shared with her was the passenger list and information regarding the ship Neptunus which sailed from Norway in the Spring of 1869 and carried our great-great grandparents Peder P Arness and Minni Eriksdatter Arness ages 29 and 26.  What a young age to be making such an adventure!

neptunus text.jpg

I don't have an image of the ship (I wish I did!) but I found details online:  

"In 1867 she departed from Trondheim May 2nd, and arrived at Quebec June 19th. The ship was inspected before leaving Trondheim, and was found to be in perfect order. It had sufficient supplies of water, food and medicine. On this voyage the Neptunus carried 347 passengers, 124 adult men, 111 adult women, 97 children between the age of 1 -14 and 15 children under 1 year. Most of the passengers were from Selbu, Aalen, Holtaalen. The passengers on this ship were the first persons to be listed in the Trondheim police emigration protocols. The ship had a crew of 17 included the Captain. Her burden was 303 Norwegians.

In 1869 the ship Neptunus departed from Trondheim May 5th, and arrived at Quebec June 27th. She was sailing in ballast, and was carrying 320 steerage passengers. There was an outbreak of typhus fever and measles. Thirteen passengers were sick as the ship arrived at the quarantine station on Grosse Île. Two passengers had died on the voyage, and one was born. The Neptunus was mastered by Capt. Hermann Ludvigsen, and had a crew of 17."

(from Norway Heritage - Hands across the sea website)

The one passenger who was listed as born on board was quite possibly my great grandfather Ole John Arness.  According to family stories and other documents he was either born at sea or on the great lakes en route to Minnesota, in International waters.   How cool is that ?!?

When I read things like this I close my eyes and try to imagine what it was like... the long voyage, the endless ocean.. the illnesses, the anticipation.... the impending birth of a child.

here is some additional information regarding the ship (from the same site)


Bark Neptunus, C. B. Pauss & H. Houen


 Burden BuiltShipowner or operator Dimensions

303 kl 1847 at Vegesack, Germany C. B. Pauss & H. Houen, Skien, Norway 131ft x 30ft x 18,8ft 


 1866Captain Hermann Ludvigsenfrom Trondheim May 5 to Quebec June 9Passenger list:  

 1867Captain Hermann Ludvigsenfrom Trondheim May 2 to Quebec June 19Passenger list:  

 1868Captain Hermann Ludvigsenfrom Trondheim May 13 to Quebec July 15

 1869Captain Hermann Ludvigsenfrom Trondheim May 5 to Quebec June 27

The information listed above is not the complete record of the ship. The information was collected from a multitude of sources, and new information will be added as it emerges

The ship Neptunus was built in 1847 at Vegesack, Germany. She had a tonnage of 645 gross tons, 631 net. The Neptunus sailed with emigrants from Trondheim in 1866, 1867, 1868 and 1869. However, she was not a Trondheim owned ship, but belonged to Hans Houen of Skien. Her master on all of the voyages was Captain Hermann Ludvigsen of Skien. She was wrecked in the Atlantic in 1897.  "

here is a photo of Minnie...

the fun thing about genealogy is there is still so much to discover!  I know I have more photographs from my Aunt, and I know there must be a lot more information online or in archives.   

all for now!