Life of a real estate photographer - I never know who or what to expect!

And so begins the story of my life as a real estate photographer!

I've filmed several thousand homes in my career.   Its been a fascinating journey... seeing so many homes and meeting so many people.  Some days are hum-drum/ boring and some days are very eye-opening and emotional.  

The crazy part is I never know what or who to expect when I approach the front door.   

I'll never forget the day that I filmed a 5,000 plus square foot home on a lake - it was so impressive.   Four floors, hard wood and granite, decorated to the 9th, dripping with expensive taste and style.    My next appointment that day was to shoot a very run down semi-detached home with an unemployed down on his luck seller.  Talk about contrasts.   

In a similar vein, some homeowners are wealthy and unhappy, and some are poor and happy.

In the weeks to come I will be talking about my many experiences and how they have affected me.